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A Day in Calumpit Bulacan

Yesterday, we went to Calumpit Bulacan to visit my nieces and nephew. Filipinos were very hospitable especially when it comes to food. We were welcomed with mouthwatering Filipino dishes. It was just breakfast but lunch meals were already being served like bopis, dinuguan, paksiw na pata, pansit sotanghon, pansit malabon, and for dessert we have “minatamisang pinya” and leche flan. Last June 13 was the feast of Iba O’Este Calumpit Bulacan and St. Anthony was the patron saint. There were left over leche flan. Yehey! Leche flan is made from egg, milk and sugar steamed to perfection with soft caramel on top and you will normally see it on special occasions like fiesta.  “Ka Cora” as they called her was the one who prepared these wonderful dishes and “Ka Eva” for the pansit malabon and leche flan. They are the sisters of my sister in law.


Leche Flan

It was still early, the kids just play and were so happy feeding the colorful chicks which you can only see and buy during fiesta.

colorful chicks!

The trees like santol and apple mangoes was full of fruits so we did some picking. I mean Kuya Anden got the “panungkit” long bamboo poles with hook and net at the end of the pole to catch the fruits and did the picking for us. Time seems to be slow when you are in the province. So, we savor every minute of it.

Santol and apple mangoes with Kuya Anden..

Thank you to Ka Cora, Ka Eva, Ka Marissa and Kuya Anden for accommodating us. Hopefully next time you can teach me how to cook those dishes.

family pic
Family Pic!

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