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The Kon Mari way of Packing

My King will be in Bangkok, Thailand for a four day trip. He travels a lot for work. I’m always in charge when it comes to packing his things. This is my first time to fill his suitcase for an out of the country trip. He gave me his clothes and trust that I can make some room for he will be shopping and bring home some “pasalubong”. Rather than to be sad I got really excited when I heard the word “pasalubong”.


I’m a Kon Marie Method follower by best seller author Marie Kondo. I have read her two books and tried to apply the organizing method that she teaches. The titles are life-changing magic of tidying up and Spark Joy. I hope I can apply it here too(Fingers crossed).

marie kondo

So let’s start. I replaced his toiletry pouch with my Beabi clear plastic pouch tsa carry on zipper top. I used to travel and I find this handy because I know they will pass the security airline rule size. Especially if you have a hand carry bag. And on the zip lock plastic bag was his meds.



He has six shirts, three shorts and two pants folded in a Kon Marie way.


In this small zipper bag has socks, under wears and handkerchief.

A Columbia duffel bag when he does his shopping, laundry bag and towelite. This towel has been with us for years now. It’s light, absorbent and easy to dry.


I’m so happy with the finish product. This suitcase is expandable so I know there will be a lot of space for the “pasalubong”.

finish product.jpg

Remember it is wise to Check and to Balance to prevent any excess baggage and paying more.

Have a safe trip my King!


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