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Star Pancake


Another substitute for bread for my Princess is pancake. She will eat it even at night as a midnight snack. Today she wants a star pancake. So, let’s start.



Maya Hot Cake Mix 125g

Egg    1 pc.

Water 1/3 cup

Vegetable oil 1 tablespoon

other ingredients

Other Ingredients:

Candy sprinkles


Chocolate syrup or maple syrup

crepe pan & spatula

For Frying:

Frying pan but today I will use Ballarini crepe pan (more about it on my next pancake bento)

spatula turner

Butter for frying


For Bento:

Food picks

Cupcake liners

Star shape cookie cutter

Favorite bento box

Small containers for chocolate syrup and candy sprinkles


edited 2


  1. Create a batter as per direction which you can see at the back of the Maya Hotcake Mix.
  2. Preheat your pan and grease it with a little bit of butter. Pour a 1/3 cup of the hot cake mix and wait until bubbles form before you turn it on the other side. Make sure that the fire is on a low to medium heat or else your pancake will burn. If you see that the melted butter is getting darker get a tissue and wipe the pan and grease it again. Set aside all cooked pancake to let it cool.
  3. Get the star cookie cutter and cut the pancake.
  4. Assemble the bento by putting the sprinkles and chocolate syrup in a smaller container. Cut the grapes in half and use food pick as a skewer. I added cookies on the side.

star pancake

Note: This is not a sponsored article.

I put a little note for her which says, “Princess Elisha, I love you, Mommy” she doesn’t know about it. It’s a surprise. Let see how it goes. Please check out my instagram account for other bento creations @im_imbentor.

Remember it is wise to Check and to Balance your day with your loved ones. Till next time.


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