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Celebrating at Merlion’s Cuisine

It’s our wedding anniversary and my king and I were thinking to have a simple dinner. It falls on a weekday, no traffic, not a lot of people and that’s good. Our dinner will be intimate. We decided to try Merlion’s Cuisine at Evia Lifestyle in Las Piñas. They serve Singaporean dishes. Without further do, let’s start the dinner shall we?

food park



First let’s look around. I think we are the only ones inside. Hehe As you can see in the picture. The ambiance, there’s an industrial feel into it. You can also see roast chickens hanging (Sorry for the blurry picture). Well lighted and those light balls reminds me of Luneta Park, it’s like you’re eating in a food park. The Menu is made of laminated cardboard with metal rings. The crews were very polite. We were given four condiments: chili, ginger, hoisin and pickled cucumber. We ordered two meat ala carte: steam chicken and soya chicken with beans on the side. I forgot to tell you that I LOVE chicken. It’s Juicy and tender even without the sauce.

chili,ginger,hoisin and pickled cucumber
ala carte
two meat ala carte: steam chicken and soya chicken
Singapore fried rice
Singapore fried rice

For the rice we ordered Singapore fried rice. It has scrambled egg, string beans and chunks of pork. It’s good for two persons. It’s something new in our taste bud. My king and I were just chatting and the next thing we know it’s gone. In Filipino term it’s called “taob ang kaldero”.

breaded prawn
cereal prawn

Last but not the least the “Cereal Prawn”. Hey! Where’s the prawn? It’s underneath the cereal. You just have to dig it out. The taste is sweet, salty and spicy. What makes it sweet? Maybe because of the cereals that  gave it the crunch when you bite into it. For the spicy after taste, there’s chili powder and bay leaf. We took home the left over and asked if I could also bring home the swan and the rabbit as a souvenir. They are so cute! And they were kind enough to replace the swan dipped with the chicken sauce and gave me a bonus rooster. They said it is made of salt. Let’s not forget about the bill. A total of P964 for a Singaporean restaurant and a new dining experience I can say it’s very affordable. Feeling hungry now?



Thank you, Merlion’s Cuisine for the wonderful meal. It will surely be not our last. And thank you to my King the love of my life for another year of togetherness.

I hope you guys could also try their dish.

Remember it is wise to Check and to Balance flavors for a more appetizing meal and best shared with the one you love.



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