Hi! My name is Lina and I am a hobbyist and a “certified seminarista”. Hold your horses. I’m not living in a convent. I live in a castle with my loving king and adorable princess. I am the queen of the house.

Why certified? Because most of the seminars that I attended have certificates in which I neatly filed in a folder. Satisfied? I always believe that there’s so much about life. And I’m curious about many things that I find interesting.

I used to work from 9am-5pm job with overtime up to 9pm and overnight during the 5th season. Oh!  You didn’t know the 5th season. Not Ate Vi ‘coz she’s the star for all season (Ms. Vilma Santos an actress).The seasons are winter, spring, summer, fall and audit. Now, you know. Here in the Philippines we have “tag-ulan” and “tag-init”. But mostly “tag-init”… tag-init ng ulo pag audit na because of lack of sleep and stress. Most of my kind has a very distinctive motor skill. We can type numbers in the calculator with one hand even without looking at it while holding a paper on the other hand browsing the numbers. Fascinating isn’t it? Well, I’m been doing that for 11 years. I even dream about numbers. I don’t tell it to my mom because she will go to a lottery outlet. Haha Believe me I love my job and the people around me. Things just become automatic. I’m becoming literally “The Walking Dead” (I really love that show because I can totally relate.lol). Have you ever felt like something is missing? When you do then you will start to question things and find the answers. As a famous quote says “Live your life that you want to live over and over again.” Do I really want the life I’m having right now? Back in the old days people use map and compass as their guide in navigation. They can just look at the sky and find the North Star. In my journey called life I have my faith and values as my guide. So I cut the rope and bid goodbye to my fellow crew. I sailed on.

I’m from a small town somewhere in the South. Having a big family from my mother’s side where it’s like a feast from a very simple meal. I helped in the kitchen but never had the chance to cook. I’m just observing. I look in my family’s kitchen there was no oven. It means no one knows how to bake. In 2007, I bought my first oven and my baking journey begins. In 2016, I had the courage to attend a workshop in a baking school just to fulfill my bucket list because I‘m baking without any formal lessons. And to finally meet my childhood baking hero none other than Ms. Heny Sison was a dream come true. I remember watching her show with my family and everyone was very quiet and drooling over the cake and desserts Ms. Heny was making.

With Ms. Heny Sison

Why write a blog and called it “Lina’s Journal”? Growing up without a father on my side and writing was the way we use to communicate. Entering college from a town girl I become a city girl. Living away from my family and friends was hard so we write each other. My sister gave me a diary to write down my thoughts and emotions because she will not be there for me. And I remember in my Theology class when we were required to write a Journal on how we encounter God in our everyday life. I think her name was Sister Amy. And she will really read our journals.


old letters
Treasured Letters!Clockwise: Letters from my college friends and dorm mates I put it an old chocolate container. Next was an ice cream container- letters from my elementary and high school friends. The small pink pouch- letters from my theater friends, Right side below: from my Dad, next to it was from my niece, then from my prince who is now my king, then my officemates. You see the evolution of letters? Most people now are using the technology. They greet you through text, email, facebook, skype, yahoo messenger, instagram, tweeter etc. That’s a lot! Where are those messages? They are all deleted. But this old letters handwritten with love, passion, and encouragement and with some scents to it, they will be treasured forever. Marie Kondo might get mad at me ‘coz I’m keeping too much paper. Hey! They spark joy for me.

Do you remember as a kid when all your things were labelled by your mom with your whole name? Even your undergarments sometimes your mom will use pentel pen so that it will not be mixed up with your other siblings. Your book is the same with your classmate what make it special is because your name was written all over it. If it got lost people will return it to you (if you’re lucky enough). Same goes with my blog. It may have the same content with other bloggers what makes it special? Because my name is written in the website www.linachanco.wordpress.com and the contents  were based on my experiences.

Journal is like the holy book of a business. It is one of the books required by the government where you record the everyday transactions. Debit should be equal to Credit. At the end of the day your book should be balance.

This is what this Journal is all about finding balance one transaction at a time. I always check things first by research and experience that’s why I attend workshops and seminars especially on baking. Then I balance things out before I apply, use and recommend it to my family and friends. Join me as I keep track the strategic way of finding balance in the following:

Baking– breads, cakes, cookies, desserts and a lot more

Reviews on 1) food&restaurants -based on appearance, smell, taste, price, and ambiance, 2) books and cookbooksthe books that I have read mostly inspirational and practical like the bestselling author Ms. Marie Kondo and we will try to cook or bake some of the recipes from the cookbook, 3) tools/equipment in baking and cooking or something that can be useful to make the choirs easier around the house. 4) Events– seminars, workshops, conference, and product launch that I attended.

Cooking-pasta, easy to prepare dishes, or family favorites, you and your recipes can also be featured in my blog

Baon– snacks and lunch ideas for kids

Travel– vacation and staycation experiences

I am the book keeper of my life and this is my Journal. And this is for you to Check and to Balance.